The three story Buford Building/Antler Hotel, 50 rooms/after 1919 Congress Hotel was built in 1910 at the northeast corner of Second Street and Dewey Avenue. There is a stone marker along the 3rd floor that reads "1910" "Buford & Son." Iron lattice above the third floor windows of the front 6 sets of windows on the west side. Two cast iron columns on the front.

In 2008, Frank and Lola's Restaurant opened at 200 E. Second in the stately three-story 1910 Buford Building. The Frank and Lola's staircase holds a history past. The previous owner created twelve loft apartments on the second and third floors. During the renovations, a priceless "Thomas Cusack Co." wall mural was uncovered. Cusack began painting signs at 17 years of age and made his fortune as a pioneer in the outdoor advertising industry selling his interest in 1924 after 49 years of business. Since most of the Cusack murals were painted on exterior walls, they have faded away. However, our Second Street mural was hidden behind stucco on the west side of the old "Magnet Grocery" and became part of the Buford building staircase interior, protected for nearly a hundred years.

In 1919 Jesse Curtis operated the Motor Supply Company established at the northwest corner of Third and Osage. His nephew, Bill Beasley came to Bartlesville after college to work with his Uncle Jess. A joint effort between Bill and his uncle lead to the conversion of the automotive supply business to Curtis Sporting Goods in 1937. No matter your sport of choice, Curtis Sporting Goods was the “go to” place for everything sport related.

For more information on the history of Bartlesville, stop by the Bartlesville Area History Museum.